Politics and diplomacy are at the heart of human life and has a profound influence on the allocation of values in society. Therefore, the department of Political Science and International Relations is committed to the liberal arts tradition of intellectual curiosity, academic rigor and a pluralistic and diverse curriculum. Through our courses, we train graduates to develop the ability for critical thinking and logical judgments in political issues, peace studies, defense and strategic studies, administration, dialogue, and diplomacy. The program is designed to respond to modern society’s need for skilled manpower manpower in diverse areas of politics and foreign relations. To supplement this course, we provide internship, field trips abroad, exchange programs, and opportunities that encourage learning outside the classroom.
Not only do we expect our students to graduate with a solid understanding of the theories, practices and institutions of politics, strategic studies and diplomacy, but they are also equipped with analytical skills to resolve socio-political conflicts. This is what we study, this is what we teach, and we invite you to visit and enroll in the department.